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Faith’s Lodge

It’s hard to put into words why Faith’s Lodge is such a comforting and healing place.  On the surface, it’s a beautiful, picturesque setting.  It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere, making it incredibly peaceful.  But there’s so much more to it than that.  Their mission is to provide a peaceful escape for families to refresh their minds and spirits while spending time with others who understand what they are experiencing.  Their slogan – Faith’s Lodge: A Place Where Hope Grows.

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Life After Loss

Feelings on a Spectrum

Since Brady passed away, I’ve thought a lot more about my feelings and the feelings of others.  I’ve realized that I feel emotions with an intensity that I haven’t experienced before, both happiness and sadness.  My ability to feel is amplified.  When I think of my ability to experience feelings pre-Brady, I think of a spectrum from 1 to 10.  Before, I could only experience happiness to a 7 and sadness to a 3.  Now, I experience a full spectrum.

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Life After Loss

When You’re Ready

Recently, my husband and I went on a wonderful vacation.  I took 7 days of PTO and had 11 days off in a row.  It was the definition of glorious.  Upon my return, I heard the typical “we’re glad you’re back” sentiments from my coworkers.  Hearing those words brought me back to that first day back to work after Brady died.

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Brady John · Life After Loss

28 or 29?

The answer ended up being 28, and it wasn’t even close.  Because Brady’s due date and my birthday were so close together, we wondered how old I would be when I became a mom. Continue reading “28 or 29?”

Life After Loss

Published Elsewhere

Jeff and I are back from vacation, so you can expect to see lots more writing up on the blog shortly.  I didn’t get as much writing done as I thought I would, but I have an “idea list” that is about a mile long.  Okay, not quite, but it is long enough for me to have to scroll when looking at it on my phone.

While we were gone, a couple of posts that I wrote for other loss blogs were published.  I thought I would share links here, so you all can see them too.

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Life After Loss

The Newest Member of the Ambivert Club

I used to be fairly extroverted.  Social interactions never caused me much anxiety, and I looked forward to meeting new people, learning about others, and just conversing.  Since losing Brady, that all has changed.  I had never experienced social anxiety, and now I do.

My therapist has suggested that I might be more of an ambivert now – not an introvert or an extrovert, but an individual with a balance of both features.  I certainly don’t always want to withdraw, but I don’t want to be around people all the time, either.

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Life After Loss

A Life Sentence of Triggers

When you lose a child, you’re committed to a life sentence of dealing with triggers.  It’s difficult for those who haven’t been through it to understand that these things come out of nowhere, and the intensity at which they hit you.  I never even knew that triggers existed until we’d lost Brady.  Triggers stop you in your tracks and hit you like a metaphorical traumatic brain injury.

When it comes to triggers, there are things that “make sense” to others, as in, they can understand that seeing pregnant women would trigger a woman whose pregnancy ended far too soon, and then there are plenty more that are less easily understood.  An important thing to remember is that while some individuals have similar triggers, like anything else grief-related, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”

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Brady John · Life After Loss

A Star is Born

The backyard at our new house is amazing.  First off, we have an actual yard (buh-bye townhouse), but more than that, it just doesn’t feel like we are very close to other people.  Our yard isn’t even a 1/2 acre, but I guess the space must be used well.  When we’re outside at night, looking up, Jeff and I have both commented that it feels like you’re at a cabin.  The starry sky is vast and stretches out around you in all directions.  Looking up at the night sky, I have always felt a sense of peace and calm.

Okay, our yard might not be this expansive, but you get the idea.

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Life After Loss

Ugh, Baby Showers

You’ve already heard my thoughts on pregnancy announcements here, and now I think it’s time to discuss another, somewhat related, trigger.  The dreaded baby shower.  Keep in mind, I’ve never been a huge fan of showers… but I have also not dreaded them until now.

I think some of these situations happen because we’re into the 5th month since Brady passed away.  Those peripheral people in my life have started to forget that I experienced a loss.

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Brady John · Life After Loss

Happy 6 Months, Brady John

It’s hard to believe that we should have a 6 month old at home.  Not a day goes by that I don’t imagine what Brady would be like, and what milestones he would be hitting.  I googled “3 month milestones” (with Brady being a micro-preemie, his adjusted age would be 3 months) and laughed when I saw that one of them was “supports upper body with arms while lying on stomach”.  Our 4 day old micro-preemie did that… well, for at least a couple of seconds.  Those other babies must be some serious slackers.  (You can read that story here if you missed it)  Maybe adjusted age wouldn’t have been much of a factor with our little badass.  That’s just one of the many “maybes” that I’ll never be able to answer.

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