Brady John

Special Onesies

The first piece of clothing we bought Brady John was a onesie to help us announce his upcoming arrival.  At the time that we ordered it, we didn’t know that Brady was a boy, so I ordered a cheery yellow-striped onesie and figured it would work whether we had a boy or a girl.  We chose “Schmitz Just Got Real” as a funny play on words.  When you have a child, shit does get real and we thought this was a fun way to share that things would never be the same as they were before.

We drove over to my mom’s house in order for her to take the picture that I would post on Facebook to announce my pregnancy.  Jeff and I planned that I would look super excited in the photo, and he would put on his best nervous face.  I think we did pretty well.

The photo captured me and Jeff to a T.  Funny, and never too serious, even when we probably should be.  There was no doubt that our child would end up with an awesome sense of humor, just like his mom and dad.

The plan was that the same onesie would be our child’s coming home outfit.  We’d ordered the newborn size and we couldn’t believe that we’d be bringing someone home with us that was tiny enough to wear it.  That was before we knew anything about growth restriction, and that wearing a newborn size wouldn’t be happening right away.

In the days before I was hospitalized, while we were furiously packing up our house, Jeff pulled out an old t-shirt from one of his drawers.  I laughed when I saw it read “I don’t need a tractor to pull hoes”.  Hilarious.

Fast forward a few days to me sitting in the hospital, and the image of that t-shirt popped back into my head.  I had nothing better to do on January 14th (not knowing that our little man’s arrival was impending) so I hopped onto Etsy to correspond with the woman who made our “Schmitz Just Got Real” onesie.  This time, I asked about preemie onesies.

I found this gem of a t-shirt when packing up my husband’s clothes for our move… and thought it might be funny for our little guy to have a matching onesie.  Would you be able to mock up a sample?

Her response?

Bahahaha!  Yes, I’ll make you a mockup!!

My hand shown for scale… the onesie is tiny!

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it was hilarious.  I didn’t tell Jeff about it, as I wanted to surprise him.  We ended up receiving it a few days after we got home from the hospital and Jeff loved it.  Brady had arrived the day after I ordered the onesie.  At a tiny 1 lb. 1 oz., he wouldn’t fill out even the tiny preemie onesie for a while.  We dreamed of the day that he would be able to wear it.

Brady never got to wear either of his onesies.  Instead, they sit in his special cedar chest.  There are some things we bought that we feel we could use for any future children we may have, but these onesies are not it.  They very much belong to Brady, and Brady alone.

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