Life After Loss

Writing Round-up

I’ve been laid up and sick for the better part of two weeks, and haven’t done nearly as much writing as I’d like to.  A couple of months ago, I shared a post about some of the writing I’d contributed to other blogs and I figured it’s a good time for me to share again.

I’m still a contributor for Courageous Mothers, and even started doing a little instagramming (@courageousmothers) for them.  If you know me, you know how much I love Instagram, so it’s been a fun endeavor.  Well, as much fun as grief instagramming can be.  I mostly share new things that are on the blog, but I also get to find good grief quotes and share those too.  If you have any good grief quotes, by all means, send them my way.

My latest post on Courageous Mothers is this post, 5 Tips for Bereaved Parents.  I’m currently noodling on some other “top 5” ideas.  So far, the longest list I have for any of them is at 3… so it’ll probably be a while before any of those show up on a blog.

I’m also still contributing to Still Mothers via a monthly spot on that blog.  In September, I wrote Outside Looking In.  It’s about how our pre-Brady and post-Brady lives look so similar to those looking in from the outside.  My October contribution, The Absence of Bitterness, just went up a few days ago.  That one is about our experience at Faith’s Lodge.  I was a little late on my November submission since I was sick, but I’m hoping it’ll still make the cut.  I titled it “A Mother Like No Other”.  I’m pretty proud of that title.  I thought it had a good ring to it, and that’s about as creative as I get.

Thank you for reading, commenting on, and overall just encouraging, my writing.  One of those good grief quotes I shared on Courageous Mother’s instagram is from Emily Dickinson:

Unable are the loved to die.  For love is immortality.

By continuing to love Brady, you are helping to make sure that he lives on in immortality.  I can’t thank you enough for doing just that.


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