Brady John · Life After Loss

Happy 1st Birthday, Brady John!

Up until the morning of Sunday, January 14th, I had every intention of celebrating Brady’s first birthday that day.  Though he was born on the 15th, I figured that had he lived to see his first birthday, Sunday would’ve been the day we had people over to celebrate.  I doubt we would have had great turnout for a party on a Monday night.  However, when we woke up that day, we decided we’d rather visit and celebrate on his actual birthday.

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Brady John · Life After Loss

A Star is Born

The backyard at our new house is amazing.  First off, we have an actual yard (buh-bye townhouse), but more than that, it just doesn’t feel like we are very close to other people.  Our yard isn’t even a 1/2 acre, but I guess the space must be used well.  When we’re outside at night, looking up, Jeff and I have both commented that it feels like you’re at a cabin.  The starry sky is vast and stretches out around you in all directions.  Looking up at the night sky, I have always felt a sense of peace and calm.

Okay, our yard might not be this expansive, but you get the idea.

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