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28 or 29?

The answer ended up being 28, and it wasn’t even close.  Because Brady’s due date and my birthday were so close together, we wondered how old I would be when I became a mom. Continue reading “28 or 29?”

Brady John

Special Onesies

The first piece of clothing we bought Brady John was a onesie to help us announce his upcoming arrival.  At the time that we ordered it, we didn’t know that Brady was a boy, so I ordered a cheery yellow-striped onesie and figured it would work whether we had a boy or a girl.  We chose “Schmitz Just Got Real” as a funny play on words.  When you have a child, shit does get real and we thought this was a fun way to share that things would never be the same as they were before.

We drove over to my mom’s house in order for her to take the picture that I would post on Facebook to announce my pregnancy.  Jeff and I planned that I would look super excited in the photo, and he would put on his best nervous face.  I think we did pretty well.

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Brady John

What’s in a Name?

It dawned on me last night, as I listened to a friend talk about how they chose their baby’s name on a podcast, that I hadn’t shared how we came up with Brady John’s name.  I even looked back at my earlier blog posts to make sure.  There’s a brief mention of why we chose John, but otherwise, nothing.  Like most stories, there are two sides.  In this case, I’ll share mine and my husband’s.

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Brady John

Brady John: Our Strong Little Man

I’m sure you can all tell by now that I think my son is seriously amazing.  This story is one of the things I go back to when I think of all the ways Brady seemed to defy everyone’s expectations from the very beginning.

I think Brady was only about 4 days old when this happened.  I only know that because of the time-stamped photos I have on my cell phone.  My record-keeping wasn’t the greatest for the first few days of Brady’s life.  For the first 3 days of life, Brady had to be positioned midline, so there wasn’t a lot of creativity in how he got to lay in his isolette.  It’s another precaution they take for babies born so prematurely, to prevent brain bleeds.  After the first 3 days, Brady got to try lots of new positions, including some tummy time.

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Brady John

Brady John: Mr. Particular

If there’s one way that Brady was not like his daddy, it was in his particularities.  Jeff is pretty chill about most things.  And I’m particular, so we can say that this is probably my contribution to our little man.  Sorry, little buddy.

Once again, I’m so grateful that we had the amazing nurses that we did.  They spent so much time with him, and always filled me in on the funny and particular things they noticed about Brady.  I remember coming in one morning for my normal visit, and getting a rundown immediately from Diane on Brady’s most recent likes and dislikes.

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Brady John

Brady John: Just Like Daddy

It’s amazing how a baby can show so much personality when they are only days old.  Not only did Brady show us his awesome little personality right away, he also showed us which parent he took after right away.  That’s right, his daddy.

I hear women complain all the time about how they carried their baby for XX amount of weeks, only to have their child turn out exactly like dad.  I felt the opposite.  I was THRILLED that Brady was just like Jeff.

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Brady John · Life After Loss

The March for Babies

On Saturday, April 29th, we got to walk in the March for Babies to support the March of Dimes.  My little sister, Christina, had text me a few weeks after Brady passed away, and asked if I would want to do the walk and raise money in honor of Brady this year.  I thought it was a wonderful idea, and a way that we could continue to honor Brady’s memory year after year.

Me and my sister

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Brady John

Brady John: Our Little Fighter

Brady’s second week of life is a bit harder to write about.  While his first week was full of ups, his second week was much more of a roller coaster.  Then, of course, there is the fact that Brady’s second week of life does not have a happy ending.

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Brady John

Brady John: Mr. Popular

This is the point in the story that I have to start looking back at journals to make sure I get all the details right.  I thought my life was crazy leading up to Brady’s arrival, but it pales in comparison to how hectic NICU life is.

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Brady John · Pregnancy

Brady John: Happy Birthday!

Sunday started out like any other day, well, besides being on day 4 of our hospitalization.  Due to my sassiness the night before, and my hesitation at staying longer in the hospital, Dr. Pates had requested that Dr. Wagner round with me first that morning.  Jeff had to leave early that morning to deal with our cable hookup at the new place (#priorities) so my mom had come by to hang out with me.

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