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Jeff and I are back from vacation, so you can expect to see lots more writing up on the blog shortly.  I didn’t get as much writing done as I thought I would, but I have an “idea list” that is about a mile long.  Okay, not quite, but it is long enough for me to have to scroll when looking at it on my phone.

While we were gone, a couple of posts that I wrote for other loss blogs were published.  I thought I would share links here, so you all can see them too.

The first is for Courageous Mothers.  Courageous Mothers is a community founded by a fellow bereaved mother, Jolissa Skow.  She and I met at a support group and she has been a great help to me as I’ve gotten this blog up and running.  Joli also writes about her son, Jonah, on Letters to Jonah, so feel free to check out her writing there too.  We meet up to write sometimes, but we usually just end up chatting.  You know how that tends to happen.  Anyway, I wrote a post on wearing memories, detailing some of the special jewelry I wear to keep Brady close.  There’s also mention of the ultimate wearable… coming soon 😉  I’ve written several posts for Courageous Mothers, so feel free to peruse and read more.

I also wrote another guest post for Still Mothers.  This is the second post I’ve shared through them (the other being this one on pregnancy announcements).  I am happy to share that I was recently added to their team of regular contributors!  I’ll be writing for them monthly.  This month’s post centers on the question many loss moms ask themselves – who am I now?

Let me know what you think – I appreciate you reading the blog, and allowing me to share Brady John with you.  Hugs!

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